Supporting Education and Environment in Tem'bak, Indonesia

Tem’bak is a community in the Western Kalimantan region of Borneo that has held firm on commitments to keep the rainforest standing by saying “no” to palm oil. The Dayaks who live in this community have a deeply rooted respect for the natural environment surrounding them with their lives ever connected.

DeforestACTION and our project partners are continually seeking funds and ways to support the unique opportunities that exist in this village, including a 63 hectare forest that the community has donated as a rehabilitation and forest school site for rescued orang-utans.

Your donations to DeforestACTION will help in the following ways:

1) Improving Access to Education in Tem’bak

There are two schools in Tembak; a primary and middle school, but no high school. As Indonesia has user pay system for schooling, parents are often tasked with the difficulty of trying to fund their children’s tuition fees. Having the added pressure of sending their students 4 hours away to Sintang High School (the closest region with a high school) and paying extra fees for room and board, the financial burden often becomes too great and parents opt out from sending their children to high school. This has meant that many young people in Tem’bak have yet to complete secondary schooling.  

To date, we have secured over $15,000 in a crowd funding appeal in collaboration with Cleveland District State High School in Australia to establish a secondary school in Tem’bak.

There is now a need to double that amount to ensure:

  • More classrooms are added to the school design (an estimated 200+ students would attend this school);
  • Onsite accommodation to house students who travel large distances, and; 
  • Installation of an Internet tower in the village, enabling students and teachers to connect globally.

2) EarthWatchers

Earthwatchers is a ground breaking software tool that enables participants from around the world to monitor forests and provide usable intelligence to prevent deforestation.

This software saw great success in the village of Ensaid Panjang – where the local people were able to use the maps provided by the software to prevent their land being cleared for palm oil.

We are currently revamping the software to include regions of Tem’bak village that have come under threat.

Funding will also allow us to pay an on the ground team to go out and monitor areas of concerns and also communicate back with Earthwatchers users.

3) Orangutan Forest School and Rescues

Tem’bak is now home to 5 rescued orang-utans (names) because of the generosity of the villagers – donating their land to rehabilitate orang-utans, preparing them for release into the wild in partnership with the Sintang Orangutan Centre and Kobus Foundation.

Along with our project partners we have seen vast advancements in the past year with a new veterinary clinic established in Tem’bak, along with the orang-utan forest school now in full swing.

There are many funding needs for the continued growth of this centre, including:

  • Food and veterinary care for the orang-utans
  • Increased number of cages to increase capacity of the centre,
  • Transportation to ensure the safe transfer of recused orang-utans between the Sintang Orangutan Centre and Tem’bak.

Help us protect Borneo forests!