The 13 DeforestACTION Eco-Warriors were selected through a Global Competition attracting hundreds of applicants across the globe. Learn more about them below:


Paul Daley


Paul Daley originates from the lush sub-tropical rainforest of northern NSW, Australia. He grew up on a rainforest & fruit tree nursery and has been exploring, adoring & restoring the rainforest for most of his life.

Paul’s adventures have taken him on an epic 2000km long cycling journey up into tropical far-north Queensland, where he set out to photograph the amazing work being done by the people caring for our unique wildlife and their rainforest habitat.

In the past couple of years Paul has explored the equatorial rainforest of Sumatra & Borneo and has now dedicated his life to restoring rainforest eco-systems and advocating solutions to the planets ecological crisis.

Having studied Conservation & Land Management and Bush food & Restoration Ecology, Paul brings his infectious love for the Earth into a practical and inspiring path of action that plants fertile seeds of hope for all future generations.


Ben Dessen


19 year old Ben, from Sydney, is currently studying for a Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science) degree. This year Ben was awarded a Leadership Scholarship from the University of Western Sydney to further the career that he is already so passionate about. When he was just six years old his parents bought him his first pet snake, which led to the vast menagerie of pythons, lizards, birds, insects, frogs and other animals that occupy the house today. "Animals give my life purpose and provide me with an ongoing source of curiosity and inspiration".

Ben is a volunteer with his local wildlife rescue group, Sydney Wildlife. He also runs educational courses on all sorts of reptiles and amphibians. To date, Ben has raised more than $25 000 for various wildlife initiatives and wants to continue in his quest to save animals of all shapes and sizes.

After travelling to Borneo in 2008 and personally connecting with the animals, the people and the problems they face, Ben knew he had to do something more. Ben's determination to protect wildlife and educate people all over the world about the amazing creatures we share this planet with, drives everything he does.


Chai Chin Neo


A latecomer to the Eco Warriors, I am thankful for the chance to participate. I work as a journalist for a newspaper in Singapore , and am currently on a stint as sub-editor.

I love the city as much as the outdoors, and the diversity of landscapes in Southeast Asia never fails to amaze me - from the skyscrapers and beaches, to the historical sites and wilderness.

I did communication studies in university and my interests include social justice, sports, the arts and the environment. Few things get me working harder than being in a position to champion a worthy cause well (which, so far, has been to highlight various issues - be they the lot of shortchanged consumers, exploited migrant workers or abused or trafficked animals - in the mainstream media as part of my job). Would love to learn more through Project Borneo 3D what we can do for the orang utans, and how to be a better steward of the environment.


Fahrani Empel


Fahrani is in her mid 20's and living comfortably in her tree house in Bali. Born in Jakarta, Fa Left at home at an early age to pursue her passion to be an international model. She moved to Hong Kong When she was 16, then Tokyo After that, where it did not take long for her to make a serious impact in Asia. She has also been a model in Paris, Milan, Sydney And New York.

Her unique and original style has helped her become more than just a model and her driven personality allowed her to diversify into acting. Starring In many feature films in Indonesia, she has also won best actress in 2008 in her role in Radit & Jani. She is currently launching her new eyewear line, CAST. In the short amount of time it has been available, CAST is already available in 5 countries.

Fa is proud of her many achievements and believes strongly if she has a team to work with then they are destined for success. Her loving nature and playful attitude mixed with serious drive will be the key to her success in Borneo.


Shadrack Kalasa


Shadrack Kalasa is a young Kenyan Youth Activist who lives in Mombasa City. He is fun loving, hardworking and Volunteers at the National Youth Parliament of Kenya informing young people on Millennium Development Goals. Currently a Post-Graduate Student in Corporate Leadership and Governance, he studies how Managers today try to balance between the Corporate world and Governance issues that affect our society today.

Shadrack was awarded 'the bronze navigator award' by the President Awards Kenya for Leadership and Organizational skills and his greatest achievement was representing Kenya in the 5th World Youth Congress in Turkey (2010) and contributed to the 'Istanbul Action Plan', which highlighted issues that young people face all over the world. The declaration was then presented to world leaders at the World Youth Conference in Mexico (2010). He also received Official Appreciation by Hon. Nafiz Ozak –Minister of State of the Republic of Turkey for his commitment and contributions into changing the world.

His new challenge, as part of the 'Top 13 Eco Warrior' is for DeforestAction- creating a new Ecosystem for Project Borneo 3D!


Mark Kuroski


Mark Kuroski is proud to be from Wisconsin in the USA. He graduated from Viterbo University in 2007 with a degree in Music Theatre and a minor in Digital Media. He has performed in theatres throughout the United States including Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Georgia.

Shortly after moving to New York City to pursue his career in acting, Mark was hired by a children’s theatre company that brought him to South Korea where he has been able to combine his love of digital media with his passion for performing. For the past year, he has been creating intriguing, animated PowerPoint presentations and entertaining videos that are used to enrich the original children’s musicals performed at the Gyeonggi English Village. He has also played a multitude of characters in these musicals.

Mark’s work has been seen by thousands of Korean school children and used to aid them in learning English as a second language. He is incredibly excited to be a part of the DeforestACTION team, and to use his musical and digital talents to help make a positive change for the island of Borneo.


Anne-Sophie Marion


My name is Anne-Sophie. I was born in Besancon, France on a winter’s day, whilst Vivaldi's Four Seasons was playing.

Ever since the age of 7, I would express myself through music, mostly with my piano. My brother would call me Jumbo because of my big ears and my teachers would cynically call me Owl because of my big eyes. They probably helped me to feel close to the animal kingdom in some way. As far as I remember, I always had strong feelings for the environment .

At 18 years old I went to University to study Biology and at 21 I went to Australia and started my journey of exploration. After working in a forestry environment for 18 months, I felt the need to express myself using what I use best, my eyes and my ears and went to Sydney to study filmmaking and share to the world my feelings. This is what I am doing and hopefully can create a better understanding of the world we live in.

Fabrice Marre


Fabrice Marre is a citizen of the world. A native of France, a resident of Australia and a global traveller, Fabrice has been passionate about nature, art, different cultures and spatial technologies from an early age. His job as a geospatial engineer has taken him from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and the jungles of the Amazon in French Guiana to Indonesia and now Australia.

He has worked on both research and commercial environmental mapping projects, related to the monitoring of the Amazon environment and disaster management projects. These have included bushfires, floods, oil spill monitoring and the 2004 Indonesia tsunami reconstruction effort.

In his spare time, Fabrice is involved in the arts community and uses his skills as a sculptor to contribute to creative projects including sets for theatre productions and special effects make-up for the film industry.

Driven by passion and great enthusiasm, Fabrice is a strong advocate of combining education with geospatial technologies to create a sustainable environment for our fragile planet.


Perry Schumacher


I am a Veterinary Technician from Ontario, Canada and i have an immeasurable passion for animals, ethology, science, reading, as well as athletics such as Rugby, Soccer, and Football. I like to keep fit and i am a vegan due to animal welfare problems within the food industries around the world. I play my guitar regularily and have done so for over 10 years. I am actively trying to find my place in the world and make a positive impact in it.


Yvette Teeselink


I’m a big animal lover and I like to spend my free time outdoors in the woods, I can wondering around for hours and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Orangutans stole my heart many years ago, I think they are the most remarkable creatures I’ve ever seen! I do not want them and their environment to disappear; I know that if we don’t do anything right now, these incredible animals will be extinct in the wild in a few years from now. A terrible idea! So I want to take my responsibility and really make a change! We owe this to them and they need our help now!

The DeforestACTION program is giving me this chance and I’m so thankful!

I’m already doing all kinds of activities to make people aware of the deforestation problems in Borneo and I hope to get more people in Holland involved in this, so that together we can make a change!I can’t wait to go to Borneo myself, it will be my first time! I’m looking forward to meet the local people there and to learn from their culture.

I know it will be a wonderful experience, I will never forget!


Kodi Twiner


Kodi Has loved everything about the natural world for as long as she can remember. Her Passion for conservation led her to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand In 2010. Through This experience she has big and bright dreams for the future of traveling the world, working for the environment and it’s creatures. Involved In many environmental and humanitarian organisations, Kodi Has such a strong belief in the power of hope and the change it can manifest.

She says, “This project has me tingling. It is innovative and so engaging, my soul is already in Borneo.” Kodi Loves the simple pleasures in life, such as riding her bike, reading and the feeling of discovering the new. However, Her true goal in life is to make a difference.

“Deforestation is such an unnatural and destructive practice. We have the smarts, the resources and the ability for so many alternatives. Deforestation is inexcusable, and united, the young and passionate people of the world can stop it.”


Elizabeth Heavener


Elizabeth Heavener is a government relations, outreach, and logistics professional currently living in Washington, D.C. She has over 4 years of experience on Capitol Hill working on issues ranging from faith in politics to aviation, and building relationships with members of Congress and industry leaders. Earlier in her career she had the opportunity to work in the United States Senate and managed a political campaign in the state of New York. At the age of 23, she organized a Congressional Delegation walk through the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama.

Growing up in a Mennonite community, Liza was raised with the values of sustainability, community empowerment, and social justice. Her desire to spend time working on issues that help the planet have led her to leave her job and prepare for Borneo. She is excited for her transition from the halls of Congress to the rainforests of Borneo.

In her free time, she uses her green thumb in her vegetable garden and flies single-engine planes as a student pilot.



Tom Smith


Tom Smith was raised out in the sticks in the UK, in the only village in Europe that doesn't have a pub. For a youngster, this isn't too much of a worry though, and he spent most of his childhood swimming in brooks, collecting fossils, and looking after his pet donkey that he rescued from the circus. He's always had an affinity for the environment, sustainability and behaviour, and has just finished studying Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol, which he balanced alongside his passion for activism, photography, wheeling and dealing old bicycles, and staring up at the incredible universe.


Tom has been a keen eco-activist, attending Copenhagen climate summit, organising an event which taught hundreds of young people the skills to tackle climate change, and setting up a photography exhibition in London on sustainability and the urban environment. He also helped to build the foundations of an eco-tourism site in Java, Indonesia.

Tom is a seasoned traveller, but has never been to a rainforest, or seen the destruction of illegal logging. Whilst he knows the project is going to be a challenge and a massive eye-opener, he cannot wait start!