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What do you get when a small group of students around the world come together by using the power of technology to connect on sharing resources and knowledge on combating deforestation? – DEFORESTACTION, a global movement of youth and schools active in tackling one of the most pressing issues of our time. 

Today, the network has grown to include over 18,000 youth and students from all four corners of the globe. Check out the list below to find out how you can get involved. Try all five suggestions or start slowly by taking up one at a time. Every action makes a difference and collectively we have the power to demand sustainable environmental practices that will protect our world’s forests for generations to come!

1) Become Aware – Learn about deforestation and why immediate action must be taken to stop it

  • Did you know that over 75% of deforestation practices in Borneo, Indonesia are illegal? What methods are used in deforestation? How does clear-cutting trees increase climate change? What consequences does this have on the local peoples and animals of the deforested areas? Learn more about deforestation through the TakingITGlobal Environment page, or hear directly from those who witnessed it on the ground. Find links to other online resources in the DeforestACTION Collaboration Centre or head to your local library! You may just be inspired to take DeforestACTION!

2) Sign up and join the online community

  • By signing up for DeforestACTION you gain access to a network of thousands of students and teachers worldwide who are also working towards combating deforestation. Get your own action hub to showcase your DeforestACTION efforts, use Earthwatchers to monitor the rainforests of Borneo, receive notifications on our live webinar offerings and participate by sharing with the online community the work you are doing. Harness the power of social media to amplify your voice and spread awareness to a global audience!
  • Are you an EDUCATOR? Sign-up for a school action hub to exhibit what your students have learned and how they are getting involved. Download resources from the virtual classrooms and share them with other interested individuals! Help your students build 21st century skills through the implementation of technology in your DeforestACTION classroom initiatives!

3) Take a personal approach

  • Take personal action in stopping deforestation by signing a petition, make an online pledge to stop using products that contain palm oil products, download TakingITGlobal's new Commit2Act application to keep track of your environmental actions, write to your local members of government asking them to address the issue of deforestation or post a comment on your favourite social media outlets to spread the word to your friends and contacts. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or use the hastag: #deforestaction.

4) Engage your community!

  • Organize an event at your school or local community that highlights the issue of global deforestation and help spread awareness about DeforestACTION’s work to help support this pressing cause.  Check out the DeforestACTION Day guide or the TakingITGlobal Guide to Action to help you plan your event!

5) Donate

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DeforestACTION is a project created and owned by young people from around the world.  It is supported by a number of industry and NGO partners who strongly believe that old models of reform are not working and young people deserve the chance to have a say in the condition of the planet they are going to inherit.

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