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DeforestACTION is a project created and owned by young people from around the world.  It is supported by a number of industry and NGO partners who strongly believe that old models of reform are not working and young people deserve the chance to have a say in the condition of the planet they are going to inherit.

Day 3 – Singtang to Tembak
Posted by Mr. Chris Gauthier on Jun 25th, 2012
  Today was one of the most profound human experiences I have had in my 28 years on this earth so far – but before I explain and go into detail, I firstly need to highlight our trek to ... (read more)

May - Nice to know you, Tembak
Posted by Tom Smith on Jun 6th, 2012
It’s remarkable how much a month in someone else’s world can affect your perspective. I recently returned from a month stint in the village of Tembak, right in the heart of Borneo, and I... (read more)

Borneo April - An oasis in a biological desert.
Posted by Tom Smith on Jun 6th, 2012
Ive now been in Indonesia for a month, and I'm really starting to fall into the flow of it. 10 days ago, the reforestation team, consisting of Shadrack Kalasa, Paul Daley and myself, headed to a... (read more)

Borneo March - Rebuilding
Posted by Tom Smith on Jun 6th, 2012
If there's one thing this project is not, it's smooth sailing. As Willie Smits so rightly pointed out on the first few days of the project: "The only thing you can be certain of in I... (read more)

Day 2 – Trek from Pontianak to Sintang
Posted by Mr. Chris Gauthier on Jun 6th, 2012
  Day 2 – Trek from Pontianak to Sintang 3:30am and the phone rings in our Jakarta International Airport hotel room.  Astrid answers the phone as Amy and myself are too much in a... (read more)

Day 1 – Jakarta International Airport
Posted by Mr. Chris Gauthier on May 16th, 2012
I’ve arrived safe and sound into Indonesia and man is it warm here! The humidity is the most uninviting welcome to a country – though it does remind me of my journey to Vietnam, where th... (read more)

From the concrete jungle of Singapore to the Village life of forested Tembak
Posted by Paul on Apr 23rd, 2012
  18 APRIL 2012 From the concrete jungle of Singapore to the Village life of forested Tembak   It's been a month since I arrived in Indonesia,... (read more)

Foundations - April 5th, 2012
Posted by Ben Dessen on Apr 23rd, 2012
  Foundations 5.4.12 We have been back on the ground here in Borneo for almost three weeks now. I can honestly say that any prior expectations or idealistic plans I had about our return ... (read more)

The first 20 Days
Posted by Ben Dessen on Apr 23rd, 2012
  The first 20 Days   Why DeforestAction? Back in 2008 I remember reading a review in my local newspaper about a book which told the story of the orangutan.  Like ... (read more)

How it all Began
Posted by Mr. Chris Gauthier on Apr 18th, 2012
In late 2010 I attended a conference at the ICT Innovation Centre at Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast. The conference was surrounding technology and how to better integrate it within educational co... (read more)

The efforts so far
Posted by Jodi Salmond on Apr 10th, 2012
The efforts so far...… I believe in a ground up perspective.  I think we should all be aware of where our products come from, because when armed with this knowledge, we can choose bett... (read more)

The Beating Heart of Borneo - The first 20 Days
Posted by Tom Smith on Apr 2nd, 2012
  20 days in Borneo   Turn off the lights, and close the curtains. Now I want you to get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, sit up and ease yourself out of your body, a... (read more)

The Rise of the Eco Warriors
Posted by Kodi Twiner on Mar 23rd, 2012
  The Rise of the Eco Warriors   At the end of our time in Borneo, an onlooker would never believe the Eco Warriors has only met 20 days ago. The energy we had built after surviving ... (read more)

Borneo Sept. 2011, My Personal Blog.
Posted by Mark Kuroski on Mar 21st, 2012
BORNEO  Hello Friends: This is my personal blog filled with my thoughts and impressions of my first 20 days in Borneo.  I hope you enjoy the read! If you want to check out more bl... (read more)

Twenty sow the seeds of hope in Borneo
Posted by Fabrice Marre on Mar 18th, 2012
  I had no idea...   This journey revealed to me the disastrous effect of corruption but also the beauty of the human spirit. We are capable of so much destruction, but also so much ... (read more)

20 Days in Borneo! P4: Webinars + School Visits!
Posted by Shadrack on Mar 6th, 2012
  THE WEBINAR AND COL. FIRLY VISIT AT KOBUS, SINTANG    The following morning, we get to the cage and it’s really moving to have seen Dr. Willie spent a night in the cage ... (read more)

My 20 Days in Borneo, P5: Our inspiration - The Dayaks
Posted by Yvette Teeselink on Mar 6th, 2012
The Dayaks The local Dayak people have stolen my heart. We have been in tribes deep in the jungle where no white people have ever been, imagine such a big group like us. For most young children fr... (read more)

My 20 Days in Borneo, P4: Jojo
Posted by Yvette Teeselink on Mar 6th, 2012
  Meeting the first orangutans My first meeting  with orangutans in Borneo I will never forget. Willie Smits wanted to show us something. We had no idea where Willie was going to bring... (read more)

My 20 Days in Borneo P.3 - Illegal Sights
Posted by Yvette Teeselink on Mar 6th, 2012
  The journey We flew in early September to Pontianak, Borneo and finally after a bus ride of 13 hours we arrived in Sintang, the area where we were going to stay. Sintang located in West ... (read more)

My 20 days in Borneo, Part 2: Meeting the Team
Posted by Yvette Teeselink on Mar 4th, 2012
  The Eco Warriors It was so nice to finally, after all these months of preparation, meet all the 14 participants from all over the world  in Indonesia. We are all selected by our pas... (read more)

My 20 days in Borneo, Part 1: How it began
Posted by Yvette Teeselink on Mar 4th, 2012
How drastically can your life change in one year! When I look back I get a big smile on my face. If you want something in life, then just go for it, anything is possible! As long as you have dreams,... (read more)

20 Days in Borneo! Part 3: Tempanuk, Tembak
Posted by Shadrack on Feb 20th, 2012
  BACK ‘HOME’ – KOBUS, SINTANG    We are all back to the boat, and as we head back to Sintang, we see the illegal logged trees less than the legally allowed 30... (read more)

20 Days in Borneo! Part 2: Local Dayaks Communities
Posted by Shadrack on Feb 20th, 2012
THE BOAT TRIP UPRIVER MELAWI    The trip was a bumpy one, and could not sleep at all and it was interesting to see how the boat drivers were so at ease with their riding, What we see u... (read more)

20 days in Borneo! Part 1: To Borneo
Posted by Shadrack on Feb 20th, 2012
ABOUT DEFORESTACTION & PROJECT BORNEO 3D   September 2011, I started a journey. A journey that took me the better part of the start of the year 2011 planning, I was excited as anyo... (read more)

Boost that vitamin ME!
Posted by Jodi Salmond on Feb 8th, 2012
Let me throw you straight into my background...  I work a full time night job, a part time day job, and volunteer for two not for profit organisations every other weekend, and have been living ... (read more)

Editorial story: Dayak villagers resist palm oil company
Posted by Eco_Huntress on Sep 26th, 2011
On Sunday, a group of approximately 40 Dayak people began the first day of a weeklong protest to reclaim their land 80 kilometres outside of Sintang in West Kalimantan, Borneo.  The action repr... (read more)

The New Generation of Eco-Warriors
Posted by Eco_Huntress on Sep 8th, 2011
  We are on the eve of the beginning of a journey that will change many lives, engage millions of youth, and possibly help end deforestation in the oldest rainforest on Earth, Borneo.  I... (read more)

A little bit about Me!!
Posted by Amy De Boer on Jul 20th, 2011
  A little bit about me……..     I just wanted to say that it is an honor to be involved with such an amazing project and to be sharing this with so many like-min... (read more)

Fab's Blog - I'm officially going to Borneo!
Posted by Fabrice Marre on Jul 10th, 2011
Hey everybody, I have the pleasure and honor to be selected as one of the action agents to go and work with Willie Smits and 15 other fantastic Deforestaction agents in Borneo and be featured in a... (read more)

Defining Moments in Time
Posted by Jodi Salmond on Jun 27th, 2011
I guess everyone remembers the defining moments in their life.  I remember mine as vividly as if it was just yesterday, and not many seasons ago….  One of THE MOST defining moment... (read more)

DeforestACTION in Korea...
Posted by Mark Kuroski on Jun 26th, 2011
There are fun things happening with DeforestACTION in Korea!    I went to my first Korean school to connect students and teachers with DeforestACTION, and it was great!  I met the... (read more)

Deforest ACTION support
Posted by Lawsy on Jun 22nd, 2011
hello fellow action agents My name is Laura and I am doing my best to get the Deforest Action message out there as best I can.  I am really enjoying the project so far and being creative with... (read more)

Posted by Tom Smith on Jun 21st, 2011
  See, humans are in a bit of a predicament. We are hyper-intelligent creative geniuses. We’ve modernised medicine, built buildings on top of mountains, squeezed nourishment out of thin... (read more)

Introducing Chris Gauthier
Posted by Mr. Chris Gauthier on Jun 21st, 2011
My name is Chris Gauthier, 27 years old, from Waterloo Ontario Canada. Current location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia I thought it was time to introduce myself and give you insight into just who Chr... (read more)

Fundraising isnt all that Fun
Posted by Jodi Salmond on Jun 19th, 2011
Lets be frank. I sincerely dislike fundraising.  The vacant stares as you try to engage people in a conversation, the awkward sideways glances as people to quickly work out how they avoid you.&... (read more)

Restoration Ecology ...
Posted by Paul on Jun 18th, 2011
  "the very process of the restoring the land to health is the process through which we become attuned to Nature and, through Nature, with ourselves. Restoration ecology, therefore, is b... (read more)

Orang Utan and Me
Posted by Dino Fitriza on Jun 17th, 2011
I was born in Duri, Riau, Sumatra Island of Indonesia 28 years ago. I am a photographer. My educational background are : Master of Electrical Engineering and bachelor of Business Administration and al... (read more)

Fab's Blog: Small but positive steps forward
Posted by Fabrice Marre on Jun 17th, 2011
  Hello Deforestaction staff, action agents, students and current and future change makers, jedi and other environmental warriors,   In this post, I'd like to talk a bit more abo... (read more)

Ben's Borneo Blog - Wildlife of Borneo
Posted by Ben Dessen on Jun 14th, 2011
Borneo is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world with many wildlife species being endemic to its lush tropical rainforests.  Borneo is home to at least 222 species of mammal, 420 birds... (read more)

Bonjour !
Posted by Anne-Sophie on Jun 13th, 2011
As I said in my first post, I am updating my gallery 2 - 3 times a weeks. Some on them has their stories, some are just pretty. So don't hesitate to check it out and let me know what do you thin... (read more)

DeforestAction in Japan...
Posted by Mark Kuroski on Jun 12th, 2011
Hi Everyone, My name is Mark Kuroski. I'm from Wisconsin in the USA, and I wanted to tell all of you what an incredible honor it is to work on this important project with such dedicated a... (read more)

Ben's Borneo Blog - Fundraising and Awareness Campaign
Posted by Ben Dessen on Jun 12th, 2011
The efforts of everyone in regards to fundraising and raising awareness for the DeforestAction project and Borneo 3D so far have been inspiring!  There is an energy that surrounds this p... (read more)

A man with a dream.
Posted by Perry Schumacher on Jun 11th, 2011
Staring at the cracks in the ceiling, I lay on my bed imagining what it must feel like to have the safety and security of my home greedily taken from me. I can't imagine what kind of emotion wou... (read more)

Captain Planet, He's My Hero
Posted by Eloise Stephenson on Jun 10th, 2011
                    Yep, I have reached that point in my life that I have to start making some real decisions. I am now equip with a ... (read more)

In the beginning ...
Posted by Paul on Jun 10th, 2011
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my journey with you... It all began around 13.7 Billion years ago... When out of no-where, and no-thing, came a big BANG ! ... (read more)

Hello and Welcome
Posted by Fabrice Marre on Jun 8th, 2011
  I am proud, honoured and extemely excited about being in the top 25 and be one of the 217 action agents  involved in the amazing fight for our planet. The foundations of the Deforestac... (read more)

Ben's Borneo Blog - About me!
Posted by Ben Dessen on Jun 8th, 2011
G'day! I'm Ben Dessen, I'm 19 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. Here's a bit about me and my progress in the DeforestAction project so far. For as long as I can remember... (read more)

Let's get started !
Posted by Anne-Sophie on Jun 7th, 2011
G'day everyone ! So looks like I have a blog at my disposition now so I might as well get started ! A quick Bonjour from Sydney. I am honoured of being one of the top 25 applicants for the P... (read more)

Amazing People
Posted by Kodi Twiner on Jun 7th, 2011
Greetings Readers! I've just been watching some more of your videos and I can't explain how I feel right now. I feel humbled to be in alliance with such intelligent, aware and positive p... (read more)

Posted by Mandeep Atwal on Jun 6th, 2011
Please check out my TIG Blog for updates: ... (read more)

Deforestaction, one step further
Posted by Fabrice Marre on Jun 5th, 2011
  Wow, we had an amazing web conference with the Deforestaction team and all the Action Agents. Things are moving forward and every aspects of the project are taking shape. As a geospa... (read more)


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