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DeforestACTION is a project created and owned by young people from around the world.  It is supported by a number of industry and NGO partners who strongly believe that old models of reform are not working and young people deserve the chance to have a say in the condition of the planet they are going to inherit.

1 of 3 international webinars in March! A beautiful honey tree in the heat of the day. A community vegetable garden in Tembak A Dayak Child A friendly encounter with beautiful nature. A locak, Pak Apui A Papilio butterfly, so many gorgeous colours in these tropical species. A truck carrying away palm oil fruit – one of hundreds of trucks we saw today A typical Tembak set-up, they love having fish ponds around thier homes so can grow a good supply of Action agents and Eco Warriors bonding for the first time in the river. Action agents conducting a workshop at the local highschool in Sintang on forest ecosystems. Afis Agung, a local 21-year-old Dayak, has a break next to some polybags we have prepared for the nursery Amelia Swan Amy De Boer An afternoon walk through the local Peat swamp forest, some of the largest carbon storage of any eco An amazing catapillar we came across whilst mapping the community forest in Tembak. An amazing spider which seems to be rather common in the forest. Incredible biodiversity. Animal Rescue Team Anne Sophie Appalling animal 'fun park' conditions II Appalling animal 'fun park' conditions. Arvid the hairdresser, he helped me to collect money for DeforestAction : ) Astrid picking out a snack at the “corner shop” avatar Beautiful forests of Tembak. beautiful rainforest Ben Dessen Big ol' honey bee tree (or tualang). Big storms a few weeks ago at the Sintang Orangutan Centre destroyed a section of the fence, so we m Big Trees Birth of 4 kittens warmed up the feeling at our longhouse! Blog post Boat Ride Boat Ride! Boat Transportation Bornean Elephant Dung Bornean Mists Bornean Orangutan Borneo Forest Borneo Forest Borneo Sept.2011 Ben Dessen caught this poisonous handsome fellow on a biodiversity survey Borneo Sept.2011 Captive Orangutans Borneo Sept.2011 Clutching Jojo for the first time - the baby orang-utan that we rescued from a wood Borneo Sept.2011 Dayak Traditional Longhouse Borneo Sept.2011 Down the river on a long, slow-chugging boat. Borneo Sept.2011 Drinking fresh rain water out of the veins of the roots. Borneo Sept.2011 Eco-warrior Kodi standing in front of a truck full to the brim with Palm oil Borneo Sept.2011 Logs, logs, logs, logs. All the way up the river. Borneo Sept.2011 The Beautiful Virgin Rainforest Borneo Sept2011 The children of Ensaid Panjang Long House. Borneo Webinar - Sept.2011 Borneo Webinar - Sept.2011 Bridge on the road to Tembak - Photos by Sara Hassan Bugs, bugs, everywhere. On your face and in your hair. Bunya Seed Caged Orangutans Camera to go on the drone to monitor land from above! Cathy Henkel Cleaning up after the storm could you please pass me my brush ? Creating a temporary fence after the storm. Dayak Chief Dayak Child Dayak Children Dayak Children Dayak People and their Ancestral Lands Dayak spiritual leader performs ceremony in defence of land being claimed by a palm oil company. Dayak Welcome Ceremonial Drink Dayak Welcome Ceremony Dayak Welcome Ceremony Dayaks children of village Ambalau DeforestAction deforestaction card Deforestaction Hero figurine DeforestACTION in Borneo DeforestAction Poster deforestation Deforestation Dinner in Amsterdam with Mark, Cathy Willie, Jean, Hanna, Hariette, Ollie and me Dipterocarp Discussing the water tank with local community members. DMCii_False_p_03sep2012 DMCii_False_p_04sep2012 DMCii_False_p_17aug2012 DMCii_False_p_17aug2012 DMCii_False_p_22aug2012.jpg DMCii_False_p_24jul2012.jpg DMCii_False_s_04sep2012 DMCii_False_s_22aug2012.jpg Dr Willie Smits and I Dr Willie Smits and team during a visioning meeting. Dr Willie Smits and team during a visioning meeting. Dr. Willie Smits Dr. Willie Smits + Jojo Dr. Willie Smits with Emily Hunter Eco Warrior Introductions Eco Warrior showing us a 3-week old seedling that will be replanted into the Tembak forest. Eco Warriors at work at the Sintang Orangutan Center Eco Warriors at work at the Sintang Orangutan Center after a storm hit the region! Eco warriors carrying up the water tank. Eco warriors performing at the primary school in Tembak. Eco warriors performing at the primary school in Tembak. Eco-Warrior Kodi's Excitement! Eco-Warrior Steve Patriarco Eco-Warriors Eco-Warriors and our Dayak family! Eco-Warriors cleaning up after a storm hit the Sintang region! Eco-Warriors First Day Eco-Warriors in Borneo Education team continuing to film their musical play. Education Team filming their play entirely in Indonesian for local school children Eldest woman in the area, supposedly 135! Emily Hunter Emmie Willis Excavators eating the peat swamp forest Fabrice Marre helping to upgrade the fence Fabrice, journey from Pontianak to Sintang. Fabrice, journey from Pontianak to Sintang. Film Crew in Borneo Film Crew in Borneo First fight Fungi Gold Mining Height difference? Helping the Reforestation Team plant seedlings. Here we are working in the existing nursery of local man, Pak Niat. Holding a local kid called Gusto. Ibu Tirto of AQUA is sponsoring the big longhouse in Tembak, so the Eco Warriors are drinking AQUA ! Illegal Gold Mining Illegal Gold Mining Illegal Logging Illegal logging Illegal Logging Illegal Logging In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In the newspaper! Interconnected It is the wet-season right now, so the roads are at their worst, which makes for interesting travel. Jodi Salmond Joining in on our school visit JoJo Jojo Jojo JoJo and Dr. Willie Smits JoJo. 3 year old orphaned Orangutan. she's doubled her weight since her rescue last year. Our vision Journey to Pontianak Jungle Boots Kodi Twiner helping upgrade the animal rescue cages. Learning from the Dayak People Life in the Forest Life on the River Liza Heavener painting the upgraded admin desk @ (SOC) Sintang Orangutan Centre Local children helping to plan trees. Local Dayak children skipping and playing. Local Dayaks Local man, Pak Apuia, with a huge database of plant knowledge contained within his very own mind. Local Music Local rice production in Temback Logo from my own website Long house, a traditional Dayak dwelling, in the comminuty of Ensaid Panjang. Long house, a traditional Dayak dwelling, in the comminuty of Ensaid Panjang. LS_Image_Overview LS_Image_Overview_East LS_Image_Overview_North LS_Image_Overview_South Me Me and a Roo at Australia Zoo Me and Willie Smits Meeting for solutions Mickael-le, from new-born to teenager... Mixing the magic plant potion! Money4Monkeys in Spain Money4Monkeys in Sydney More Boat Trip Music My new house in Tembak – Photo by Thomas King Natural Flow Need to be rescued! Need to make a change. Neo Chai Chin painting a new Orangutan Rescue cage. Noni Fruit! (Morinda citrifolia). Known locally as Mengkudu and used to treat menstrual cramps, bowe Nursery camera on the way to the heart of the Jungle One of many caged orangutans in Borneo.. One of the gorgeous Honey Tree's that local villagers climb to source bush honey. One of the village leaders stands in front of a confiscated palm oil company truck. Orangutan outfit Our Inspiration, the local Dayaks Our mentor and team leader, Dr Willie Smits gives us his famous 'People, Planet, Profit' talk. Our ride to the school in Borneo Our welcome to Tembak Painted steps at the Sintang Orangutan Rescue Centre Pak Apui, a local Dayak, standing at the top of his hydroelectric plant just 10 minutes walk out of Pak Tomo, father of the house we stayed at. Palm oil trees along the road - some of the various plantations that can be seen enroute to Tembak. Palm oil trees along the road.  - Photos by Sara Hassan Panoramic view of the river bank and community vegetable garden Penari perempuaan, or traditional female dancers, celebrate the arrival of the action agents to Temb Planning process and meeting Plantare Plantation workers collecting the fruit from the palm oil tree, from which the oil is extracted. Playing outside in Tembak Playing soccer with the young people in this village is an afternoon highlight. Radio Feature rainforest early morning Raise money for DeforestACTION Ranga Day Activities Ranga Day Art work Ranga Day artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day Artwork Ranga Day Artwork Rescuing a micro bat that flew into the longhouse Rescuing Soon River life. Road to Tembak Roberty, myself, Thomas, Molly, Amy, Astrid and Sam Lara Running with friends for Money4Monkeys Sabah Pit Viper Seedling bags at the nursury supported by the Reforestation Team in Tembak. Setting up for the first early morning webinar with thousands of kids from around the world! Shadrack Blog Photo 'Economic Warriors' Shadrack Blog Photo 'Sampa Jumpa' Shadrack Blog Photo Boat Shadrack Blog Photo Boat2 Shadrack Blog Photo Dr. Willie Smits and Orangutan Shadrack Blog Photo Eco-Warriors Shadrack Blog Photo Greeting Villagers Shadrack Blog Photo Kemangai Ceremony Shadrack Blog Photo River Logging Shadrack Blog Photo River Mining Shadrack Blog Photo They will fight Shadrack Blog Photo Village Church Shadrack helping to fix the fence. Shadrack Kalasa from Kenya, who is a part of the Reforestation team. Shadrack's Throne Sharing videos with the children of Ensaid Panjang. Shaving jungle style Sinar Mas, infamous Palm Oil company. Hundreds of Palm Oil trucks stranded outside our local partner Singapore Towers Snails make a delicious garlic snack! Sneak peak of the new Pontianak airport under construction So many! Some of the lush vegetation encountered in walks through the rainforest. Starting up the water pump that will refill the water tank when rainfall is low. Sticking my head through the jet of water coming out of the bottom of the hydroelectric plant. STOP DEFORESTATION Sub-tropical Rainforest Sumatran Orangutan Sunset on the red bark. Teaching kids about their precious planet thank you The  Burning Season The bridge we needed to cross by foot The craziness that is Pontianak Airport The Eco-Warriors The endless palms of an oil palm plantation The longhouse The new nursery in Tembak, right beneath the big old honey Tree! perfect. the road between the bridge and Tembak Village This is a bird-winged butterfly - named after the fact that it looks like a bird when it flies. This is the Indonesian cameraman, Ezther, filming a slow-loris (possum like creature with big eyes) This was the picture they used in the newspaper (action hairdresser) Tom and Pak Apui trying to spot the Slow Loris. Tom Smith is another Reforestation Eco-Warrior. Traditional welcoming ceremony Tree Kangaroo Tree Kangaroo Radio Tracking Truck of a Borneo rainforest tree USGS_logo_color Very Risky indeed! Students on their bus ride home Viewing the Rainforest Ecosystem Villagers from Lansat Baru, Lansat Lama and Belenyut SIbau in front of a truck loaded with palm oil Walking back to the village after a long morning of sorting seedling bags at the nursury. Warm Welcome Water never taste so good working in the tropical humidity Water tank complete! We all love monkeys! WE LOVE FOREST AND  PROTECT  IT ! We must make a change Web art. While everyone is cleaning up from a storm, Juvi and Jojo are relaxing! While everyone is cleaning up from a storm, Juvi and Jojo are relaxing! Wildlife destruction Working hard at the nursery working on fixing the fence. — with Perry Schumacher and Ben Dessen. working to clear the fallen trees with Mark Kuroski, Perry Schumacher, Liza Heavener, Ben Dessen Wounded micro-bat! Yard sale in Bristol to raise money

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