Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is an innovative and exciting way to help fund films and creative projects. It involves the collective co-operation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the internet, to support the creative and enterprising efforts of other people or organizations.

Crowd funding is a powerful and effective tool that connects fans and audiences with filmmakers, usually before they’vemade their film, and allows people to work together at getting a shared idea out into the world. This approach allows good ideas, which do not fit the pattern required by conventional financiers, to break through and attract funding directly from the audience. The audience play an important role in helping to get the film made.

You can be part of the Project Borneo 3D: 100 Days in the Jungle team that will help stop deforestation and return displaced orangutans back to their forest home. As well as helping to get this urgent film made, there are other benefits you can enjoy by being part of the team of this ground-breaking movie.  Your help and support can make a difference to the forests of Borneo, the orangutans, and the entire planet.

Project Borneo 3D has launched a crowd funding campaign with The Green Crowd.  To support the making of this documentary, check out:


Help us protect Borneo forests!