Live Events

Earth Day Webinar - April 22nd

On April 22nd, join us for a 40-minute webinar where you will hear from Holly Carroll, presenter of The Last of the Great Apes, on her experiences working and volunteering with great ape conservation projects. Get updates from Borneo, connect with other schools to hear their inspiring DeforestACTION projects, and share your ideas on how to tackle deforestation! Register Here!


Recent Events

School Leadership Summit Recording

DeforestACTION participated in TICAL's online School Leadership Summit Series this past March, 2013. View the recording to discover the global learning opportunities associated with DeforestACTION, and learn of a few collaborative projects students have accomplished in the name of saving the world's forests. We also take you through our online platforms including the award-winning EarthWatchers. View the Recording!


Archived Events

DeforestACTION - Get Inspired, Informed and Involved!

Did you miss our student showcase webinars? This past October DeforestACTION held a 3-part webinar series featuring student initiatives. If you missed any of these 3 webinars  check out the links below for to watch the recordings, and see some inspiring youth-led projects and initiatives from around the world! 

1. Eurpore and Africa
2. Asia Pacific
3. North and South America

DeforestACTION Educator Webinar Series - August 2012

Last August many educators joined us for six webinar sessions to learn more about the global learning opportunities associated with DeforestACTION. Listen to this webinar to learn about the various educational resources, social media and technology tools available with DeforestACTION, and learn how can help students develop global competencies through international collaborations.  You will also hear from other educators participating in the program!

 If you missed any of the sessions please visit : HERE for the recording.

Learning 2.0 Conference - August 2012

Check out the DeforestACTION presentation that happened on August 21st at the Learning 2.0 Conference! This conference is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on rethinking teaching and learning in the age of the Internet. This worldwide virtual event is hosted by Classroom 2.0 and Connected Educators Month.

Deforestation and Climate Change Recording

DeforestACTION hosted an online live event on June 6th, 2012 discussing issues of deforestation and climate change, lead by Professor Danny Harvey, PhD. Danny Harvey is both a graduate and professor at the University of Toronto specializing in global warming, the environment, and climate change.  


If you missed the event you may view the recording here! and learn from Danny Harvey, as well as find out what the Eco-Warriors were working on while they were in Borneo!

Visit Professor Harvey's publications and research here!

The Loss of Biodiversity

On May 1st schools around the world joined us for an exciting online event! We explored deforestation and the loss of biodiversity with Adrienne Johnson, a Ph.D candidate in Geography from Clark University. If you were not able to attend, view our recording and learn more about the impacts of deforestation.

View the recording here!

Earthwatchers Webinar Recording

View the recording of the Earthwatchers webinar hosted by Dr. Eduardo Dias which thoroughly explains the science and mechanics of Earthwatchers. Gain a thorough introduction to the Earthwatchers platform, and how you and your students can get started on monitoring the rainforests of Borneo. Watch this recording

A tutorial video on the platform is also available! Sign-up for Earthwatchers and begin monitoring and saving the Borneo rainforest!

DeforestACTION March Live Event Recording

Check out the recordings of the March, 2012 DeforestACTION videoconference event! We heard from schools around the world and from the Eco-Warriors in Borneo where they shared with us their project teams, OrangutaNation, and the launch of Earthwatchers! Watch the recording:

Check out the recordings of two events on how to incorporate DeforestACTION into your classroom!

Global Education Conference 2011 - The DeforestACTION team did an exciting presentation on November 17th at the 2011 Global Education Conference, where they shared how students around the world have been connecting to learn and take action on deforestation by using innovative social media and technology tools that make engaging with global issues fun and exciting! Check out the recording, where you can learn more about the DeforestACTION program, and how to sign-up!

DeforestACTION: Global Awareness - DeforestACTION educator Chris Gautheir coordinated a professional development webinar for educators to learn more about DeforestACTION, including testimonials from Silverton Primary, Cleveland and Taroona High Schools and a discussion on how DeforestACTION fits into the Australian curriculum.  Watch the recording (password: global) to become inspired by how schools have utilized ICT to integrate DeforestACTION into their classrooms.  

Please note that all students participating in the webinar have signed release waivers. If you decide to use the recording, kindly let us know by emailing:


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